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GMAT® Training


GMAT is computer based test for students seeking admission into Masters programs in Management and MIS. Skills evaluated in GMAT are Verbal, Maths and Analytical. The maximum score for GMAT is 800.
Presently several leading Business Schools in India also require GMAT Score for admission.

Verbal Ability
75 minutes
a.Reading Comprehension
b.Critical Reasoning
c.Sentence Correction
41 Questions
Quantitative Ability
75 minutes
a.Problem Solving
b.Data Sufficiency
37 Questions
Analytical Ability
60 minutes
a.Problem Solving
b.Data Sufficiency
37 Questions

Modules Covered:

  Verbal Section: Students are provided with indepth look into the grammatical testing point required to do the sentance correction. Number of verbal exercises are administered.

  Maths Section: Students are led with a measured pace through the basics of mathematical concepts, problem solving and data sufficiency. Extensive exercises with problems on a variety of topics help the students gain confidence and perform well in the quantitative section.

  Writing Section: Students are given clear instructions on the analysis of an argument and analysis of an idea. Guided essays are given and the students are made to write on a individually guided in improving their writing skills.

Simulation Tests:
  Unlimited Computer Adaptive Tests and paper Based Tests for additional practice in perfectly simulated conditions are administered.