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How To Apply

1. Shortlist the University & Course from databases such as:
2. Make a list of all requirements & application deadlines

3. If TOEFL is necessary:

Prepare, Register, Take test
4. If GRE/GMAT is necessary:
Prepare, Register, Take test
5. Take German language course:
Enquire at Goethe Institute / language institute
Take at least Basic Ground level 1 course (120 Hours)
If your course demands German proficiency then plan accordingly
6. If any other tests are required:
Prepare & take tests
7. If any other requirements to be fulfilled:
Take appropriate actions

8. Get recommendation letters from University staff / corporate executive who has supervised your work

9. Get attested photocopies of all transcripts:
Semester Mark sheets
Transfer certificate
Awards of distinction
Technical paper presentation
Project work
Special courses relevant to the field of study undertaken
Letters of appreciation / achievement if any
Special skills
Proof of Leadership qualities
10. Write Statement of Purpose
11. Write covering letter for each application separately:
Justify why you should be given admission
12. Complete the application either online/offline.
13. Apply for scholarship if information available.
Research online scholarship databases
14. Dispatch the application through courier well in advance:
Apply at least to 5 Universities/ University of Applied Sciences
Check if all requirements are met
In case of doubt ask the course coordinator for clarifications through email
Enclose proof of application fee payment if any
15. Follow up with course coordinator / administrator to cross verify if the application has reached.
16. Follow up with course coordinator / administrator to cross verify if the application has reached.
 Apply for educational loan if needed
The following costs will need to be covered:
Tuition fee.
Travelling expenditure.
Study material costs.
A demad draft of 7700 (depends on consulate) in the favour of the student to cover living cost of the first year.
Proof of sufficient financial resources for the complete period of study through:
Bank loan
Fixed deposit
Any liquid asset
17. Upon admission
Re-evaluate which offer for admission to accept
Send acceptance letter
Make any Semester fee/ contribution as necessary
Reserve accommodation in the student residences / hostels
Ask your course coordinator what other support the university offers to new international students:
Tutors to guide you during the initial days.
Private accommodation search.
Orientation program.
Language course for starters.
Preparatory course for starters.
18. Research more about Germany, the city in specific & also about the university.
19. Apply for a Student Visa:
Refer to the Local German Consulates website.
Indian students, to know in detail about the Visa application process refer VFS-Germany-India
20. Prepare for departure

Fly to Germany to make your dreams come true, Bon Voyage!